Thank you for considering my fund raising effort again this year with the Water Buffalos "Ride with Purpose”. This year marks my 22nd year working with Water For People; a charity that I strongly believe in and support. Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to travel and work in-country on some of these projects. I’ve seen first-hand the power of our donations in the field and the lives that are saved by providing safe, clean drinking water and sanitation projects. I humbly ask that you help support this cause again.......

Each year, a rag tag group of water and wastewater professionals (including yours truly) get together and raise money while riding our motorcycles to the AWWA’s national conference "ACE” and now to WEFTEC too! Over the past 10 years we have raised over $700,000. The funds raised by this group go to Water For People to support projects in developing countries for safe water and sanitation solutions. Water for People has a unique approach in their efforts, each project must supply the entire community, each project must have significant involvement from the community being served and they must develop a method to collect their own funds to maintain these new systems. There are many great causes in this world, I hope this one touches your heart and you consider making a donation.

Please join Gene & Sharon Camp, Bobby Dunning, Arjen Bootsma, Jake Heikkinen, Bridget Smith and I as we continue to support Water For People and future projects. Your contribution provides for the water, sanitation and health needs of the most impoverished people of the world. You can also go along for the ride! Starting May 31st, you`ll be able to track our journey through Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/#!/sandy.smith.96780?hc_location=timeline and Twitter Hashtag: #H20BUFFALO_44.

Please consider the secure link to make a donation. Thanks to the Georgia Section of the American Water Works Association for providing their secure donation service and web links for our riders.

Learn more about both of these groups at www.waterforpeople.org and www.ridewithpurpose.org